Life Comes at You Fast

So I have some good news and some terrible news. Good news first.

THE PONO WAY has advanced to the semi-finals of the Self-Published Science Fiction Contest! Out of 300 books, my book has advanced to the top 30. That is a hell of an accomplishment, I think! Last time I entered a contest like this I didn’t make it through the slush pile. I’m so proud!

Now the terrible news.

My Dad has died.

It was quick, a stroke or heart attack or some such. My brother found him in his kitchen.

That was a hell of a shock, I tell you. As far as we all knew, he had a good bill of health for an 85-year-old man.

My hope this year was to spend more time with Dad and try to draw him back out into the world since my Mom died and the pandemic. That we could help each other back into the world.

Instead I didn’t even get to say goodbye to him.

In some ways it’s good he went so fast. He lived independently and in his right mind until the last day of his life. Good for him. Hell for us.

My brother and I will be dealing with his affairs for a while. It just happened. We don’t even have the death certificate yet.

Say a prayer or light a candle for the soul of Roger Corby, if you do such a thing. We could all use the help.

Bye, Dad, I love you. Thank you for everything.

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